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VMA Network Wiring has worked installing networks in Martinez Ca, Concord Ca, Oakland Ca, Alameda Ca, Fremont Ca and other bay area locations since 2002. 90% of our work is directly related to referrals from other Dental, Legal, Construction and Trucking companies.

We have grown in the area of specializing with Dental Office conversions. New network wiring is our main business.

Software installs for server access is not just limited to the Dental office specialized software. RjPlace System Designs our parent company will install and maintain Quickbooks Enterprise (the full server access program), install and maintain all of Microsoft Office Professional setups and many other software installs.

Network printers, scanners and many other Dental office requirements for proper and exact office operation are maintained by RjPlace System Designs our parent company. RjPlace System Designs has operated in Contra Costa County since 2001. Check them out for additional information - just click Read More below.